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21 Benefits for Schools

We provide schools with the infrastructure to offer effective active learning on a regular basis – not just a few times in the summer! Why, historically, has active, outdoor learning not been delivered on a daily basis? Quite simply, because it takes so much time to put together and set up. Cross-Curricular Orienteering helps schools solve this problem for good by providing all the resources, strategies, set up and training to ensure this form of learning is actually manageable, effective and impactful. Once set up, it’s there to use forever. Cross-Curricular Orienteering provides schools with everything to improve standards not only in PE but across school life: PE curriculum | Wider curriculum | 30 active minutes | Sport & competition

The 21 Benefits

  1. Make learning active across the curriculum, putting health and wellbeing at the core of learning
  2. Meet statutory National Curriculum requirements for KS2 PE by teaching orienteering through OAA
  3. Make effective use of your sports premium to make a sustainable improvement to PE and active lifestyles
  4. Meet the chief medical officer’s call to deliver 30 active minutes per day tackling the inactivity problem and reducing sitting time
  5. Take a scientific approach to improving standards across school – daily exercise and activity improves the brains concentration, retention and recall, overall benefitting the children’s success in learning
  6. Provide your children with regular exercise and fresh air without sacrificing important curriculum demands
  7. Make regular use of your school grounds
  8. Create a lasting benefit to your children’s health through regular movement and fitness habits
  9. Raise attainment standards by engaging children in learning through activity, adventure and competition
  10. Reduce workload by providing your staff with a resource to deliver high-quality lessons
  11. Develop the children’s ability to work as a team
  12. A stimulating alternative to “the daily mile” – map reading, adventure and HIIT exercises make it more fun!
  13. Embed the bums OFF seats approach across all subjects making learning active every day
  14. Engage your “sporty” children in Maths and English through active lessons
  15. Create an active culture across school. Cross-Curricular Orienteering can be used at any point during the school day – lesson time, break time, lunchtime and after school
  16. Give children who may not always enjoy traditional PE a chance to thrive and develop a love for movement
  17. Invite parents / families to Cross-Curricular Orienteer with their children promoting your school’s active ethos
  18. Cross-Curricular Orienteering has been created by, with and for teachers – the experts who work with children every day
  19. Children learn map reading skills and schools can get bespoke mapping of their school grounds
  20. Children’s fitness and stamina builds, and they learn habits which will benefit their wellbeing and health for a lifetime
  21. It’s FUN, engaging and the children love it! 

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